Location, Location, Location…

…or so they say. But does it really matter? I’ve lived in so many places—some I’m more proud to say than others. But aren’t the stars the same in every location? Sure, they may shine brighter in some than others.

This realization struck me tonight when I was sitting out under the stars in Owls Head, Maine. The stars blazed so brightly in the sky that I ran inside to tell my husband Peter that he HAD to come outside to see them. I was overwhelmed and delighted with child-like glee as we sat gazing at the brilliant umbrella of God’s sparkling delights with amazement and curiosity.

Why don’t they shine so brightly back home?

I already know the reason—having lived in Manhattan and Boston—I know the city lights dim the natural sky. But I didn’t really think that the city lights in our humble abode of [ahem] Fitchburg, Massachusetts could possibly be bright enough to dim the natural sky—but alas, it is. For I sit under the Maine sky with its brazenly bright sky—the most amazing light show I’ve seen in some time.

Location. A conundrum. Why is location so important? I’m embarrassed to say that I live in Fitchburg. I’m embarrassed to say that I grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts.


I think it is because of the stigma that these provincial towns lend their reputation to. But really, who the heck cares? Who cares if I live in Manhattan, or in Fitchburg? I think I care more than anyone else. It’s funny to think how much importance we put on what others think of us. We base our value on how we are rated in society, how we perceive others to perceive us.

But isn’t that crazy?

I think if we just know in our hearts what our own worth is, then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—make no mistake—these are my misgivings—I know not everyone is as insecure, but I’m guessing I’m not really that isolated in these feelings. So why does location matter so much?

It really doesn’t.

What matters most is knowing our own worth—to be able to give a queens wave wherever we are, and really feel in our hearts that we are worthy of it regardless of who we are, where we live, and what we perceive our status in society to be.

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