Songbirds of Life

I feel as though I’ve crawled out of a dark cave.

After over a year of COVID I was raw and angry with the world and felt isolated and alone.

Self-cordoned from empathetic comments on social media, I walled myself in.

My creative spark was nonexistent; like lighting a match in a windy rainstorm. Nothing. A solid year of nothing.

And although the world is still in turmoil, suddenly I feel like a bear emerging from hibernation after a long cold winter to the lush green grass that abounds his lair.

Everything is shiny and beautiful.

I am inspired to write with every turn of my head, every songbird that sings, every hummingbird that flutters by my window—its singular innocence and beauty singing to my soul.

Nature never stops. Nature doesn’t care about what we humans are distracted by or angry about.

It just keeps thrumming beat by beat, flutter by flutter, to the vibration of the universe with neither a care or thought to what anyone else thinks.

I want to emulate their simplicity, their ease of existence.

If only our species could.

What a peaceful and beautiful world this could be if we all soared through life without a care.

Oh, lovely songbird occupy my soul and fill me with your love.

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