Circle of Life

The silver moon--crescent in the deep blue night sky

I wander


Trees calling in the wind

Wild fire to my soul

Who am I?

I am the wind

I am the night sky

I am the breeze on my face

I am the angst that wrenches my soul

I cry

I kneel

I beg the night sky to release me from the struggles within

Wake up Mr. Green

This is not real

You are not real

True creative essence within wants to emerge, but I resist

I push back; I fight because I believe in the game

I believe it’s real

I believe that I really do hate my job and that I’m worthless

I believe life spits me out and I am nothing

But I am everything

It is in believing and surrendering that we become one with all that is

I am here tonight

I fall from the sky

I am everything