Random Act of Kindness

I’m Pro-Choice! Not just a woman’s right to choose, but in EVERY one of our rights. I’m so tired. I’m tired of the division in this country. Never have I seen such divisiveness, fear and hatred amongst people. Our world is changing; shifting—these are scary times!

I’m not here to condemn the rights of any individual, we all have the right to choose, we all have the right and the capability to do our own research and NOT trust those we inadvertently place in “power.” Why have we given away all our power to corrupt politicians?

It shouldn’t be about party. BOTH SIDES of our government are more corrupt than most of us know. Media is corrupt—everyone whose hands we place our faith in. Why are we so divided? I proclaim to be a staunch Independent. I believe in the right to choose—EVERYTHING. I know I am my own best judge. I know right from wrong.

I see the world crumbling before my very eyes. I don’t need a ten-day mediation retreat—we’ve all had 365 days of silence, fear, mask wearing and social distancing. I’m opposed to wearing a mask—sue me! That is not a political statement and I am so fed-up with people “cancelling” others because of their beliefs. I am so fed up with being told what to do. I am so fed up with living in fear over what has been statistically proven to be nothing more than the regular flu (YES, do your research) yet we believe what the media tells us and we dutifully hibernate in our homes, wear masks, and live in fear.

I hike in the woods to find comfort and joy from nature and invariably I run into some freak that scampers to the side of the trail in fear that I have the plague. Others encased in bubbles, masks and shields. I can’t get away from it even outside! People who yell, and spit at others. Since when did we all become little snitches and spies? Who told that woman she could infect herself in her own car? What are we so afraid of? My God, if I’m going to die, I’m going to die—at this point, bring it on!

What have we done to ourselves? Gone are smiles, gone is love toward our fellow man—replaced with judgement and loathing if you are not following someone’s else’s guidelines. They are even cancelling our beloved Dr. Seuss! WHAT???

I’m sure I’ve already lost most of my readers by now, but so be it. I needed to speak my peace. I’m tired.

But today there was a grain of hope in my day. I visited my doctor, and as I sat speaking to her on the table—she with her mask and shield—I with a scarf draped loosely around my neck lest I be asked to “mask up.” But in that moment as I spoke, she gently pushed my hair off my shoulder and smoothed it down. I wanted to purr and cozy up to her shoulder. It was such a random act of kindness that it shook me to my core. The simplicity in this act sent chills through my body because I realized how much I longed for—missed human contact, even something so simple. I miss smiles, I miss love, I miss caring friends that don’t judge or place you into party affiliation for believing in simple human rights. To coin a phrase—Why can’t we all just get along—Live and Let Live?

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  1. Agree Dorothy it’s been a really long, draining year and I miss you! Last Saturday as I walked up Comm Ave and down Newbury St I was struck at how happy I was, not sure because I was surrounded by people or in spite of it. More stores were open, doggies everywhere. I perform the mask dance mostly for my elderly mom, pull it down when alone, pull it up when a potential killer approaches lol. I disagree it’s just a simple virus looking at a friend our age who spent 10 wks hooked up to machines now confined to a wheelchair as she lost feeling in her feet! Disabled! No more traveling! Too horrid to think about. I am optimistic things will improve, they simply have too 🙂🌻🌞

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